This herb teaches you to walk out of the mistake of detoxification

Everyone’s physique is different, only according to their own characteristics to choose a suitable way of detoxification, can we get twice the result with half the effort. However, in our life, we tend to walk into the misunderstanding of detoxification, as follows:

Detox follows suit

Experts pointed out that detoxification is a process of metabolism and balance, and it is the elimination of excess things. Excessive drinking, drug abuse and other bad habits will produce “toxin”. After the accumulation of “toxin”, the body will produce some symptoms, such as long-term cough, constipation, skin diseases and so on. If there is no sign of toxins in the body, you can’t “detoxify” blindly;.

Men don’t need detoxification

Many men think detoxification is a woman’s patent, because men don’t need to look good, they don’t need detoxification. However, men, especially those over the age of 30, are the ones who need detoxification. More and more toxins, such as high protein, high fat diet, food additives, and toxic emissions in the air, are flooding men’s lives, and bad habits (smoking, drinking, staying up late) aggravate the accumulation of these toxins in their bodies. So, aging is coming, fatigue is coming, disease is coming & hellip; hellip; men need detoxification more.

Blind detoxification

Many people can’t distinguish the difference between medicine, health food and common food. When detoxification, it is very random, which will cause great damage to the body. The medicine must be taken under the guidance of the doctor. If the disease is cured, the medicine should be stopped. It should not be used for health care. Health food is safe, non-toxic and can be used frequently, but it should be carefully selected.

&”Defecation” is not “detoxification”;

“Toxins” of human body are mainly discharged through defecation, skin and respiration. When these channels are blocked, toxins will accumulate. Therefore, it is necessary to “detoxify”;. Many people simply understand “detoxification” as “defecation”;. This concept is very dangerous, some people even take laxatives to achieve the purpose of detoxification.

Defecation is a very important way of detoxification, but more important is to restore the normal function of the human body’s own detoxification system, so that the internal and external environment of the human body can reach a unified coordination. Therefore, we should choose regular detoxification health food, such as aloe detoxification capsule.

Shock detoxification, life-long worry free

Toxins come not only from ourselves, but also from the outside world. Our body is under the attack of internal and external toxins, and can’t stop at any time. Therefore, detoxification can’t be accomplished overnight, and it needs to be persisted all the year round.

Cathartic can poison

Many people take all kinds of cathartic in large quantities for a long time, thinking that it can detoxify. In fact, the use of cathartic is targeted, everyone should be guided by the doctor according to the condition, can not be used at will.

The effect of detoxification is only beauty and beauty

The accumulation of toxin in human body will cause a lot of harm. Acne, chloasma and dark complexion will appear on the skin. People often find out the existence of toxin by finding the change of skin surface, but ignore the important therapeutic and maintenance effect of detoxification and tonification on various system organs of the whole body. In fact, detoxification and tonification is the mediation of the whole body, not only the means of beauty. In addition, the method of improving skin condition achieved by cosmetology can not play the role of detoxification.

Recognize these mistakes, hope that you really pay attention to detoxification from the heart, put detoxification into daily life, adhere to scientific and reasonable detoxification methods, make your body healthy and clean from inside to outside, no poison in the body, and the skin will be good naturally. Don’t think of detoxification as very complicated. As long as you keep good habits, don’t smoke or drink, stay away from unhealthy food and drink more water, detoxification is not very difficult.

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