Timely and convenient

Holding urine can cause hypotension and weightlessness. If the time of holding urine is too long, it will lead to fainting. Holding urine is easy to cause disease recurrence for patients with urinary system disease.

Long term suffocation is harmful

Normal urination can eliminate the metabolites in the body and has a self-cleaning effect on the urinary system. Therefore, it is very harmful for health to have "urination intention" and not urinate in time.

Holding urine will make the bladder swell, the blood vessels of the bladder wall are compressed, and the mucosa is ischemic. Once the resistance is reduced, the bacteria will take advantage of the deficiency and enter, which is easy to cause urinary system diseases.

It's a normal physiological reaction to urinate frequently in cold weather. It's not convenient to form the habit of holding urine.

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