Nourishing yin food makes you more beautiful and feminine

The skin is moist, the eyes are like autumn water, and the lips are charming. I believe that every woman wants to be young and beautiful forever. If you want to make yourself watery, external maintenance alone is not enough, and paying attention to internal maintenance is fundamental. Nourishing Yin can nourish the face, especially the need to give “ back garden ” nourishing Yin, women can really harvest the beautiful luster from the inside out.

Beauty is God's gift to women. The desire for youth, beauty and agelessness is what every woman pursues all her life. They are constantly searching for the secret recipe of beauty. In fact, a person's appearance, in addition to congenital factors, the day after tomorrow's careful conditioning and maintenance is very important. Nourishing yin food is the magic weapon to make aging come late and make you beautiful and young.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the beauty of women comes from "in the cell";. &"In the cell" is the uterus, ovary, pelvis, vagina and other organs in modern medicine, that is, the reproductive system. Only if the reproductive system is healthy, can women really radiate beautiful luster from inside to outside!

Health of reproductive system is inseparable from nourishing yin food. What does a woman eat to nourish her Yin and beauty? For women of all ages, there are different ways of eating and skin care.

Young women aged 15-25. Women in this age group are in the period of puberty from the beginning of menstruation to the development and maturity of reproductive organs. The ovaries begin to develop and mature, hormones are constantly produced, and sebum secretion is increased. Therefore, the facial skin is smooth and wrinkle free at this time. However, the oil is more, easy to produce some acne or herpes.

Female friends of this age, in terms of diet, need to pay attention to the intake of foods rich in vitamins and protein, such as cabbage, leek, bean sprouts, lean meat, beans and so on. In particular, bean products can not only provide high-quality protein for human needs, but also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Nourishing yin food

25~30 years old. Women in this stage are at the peak of reproductive system development, but the secretion of sebaceous glands begins to decrease gradually. At this time, the emotion is rich. Due to the over relaxation of facial expression muscles, wrinkles are easily produced.

Women in this age group should eat more foods rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, such as shepherd's purse, amaranth, carrot, tomato, sweet potato, broccoli, pea, fungus, milk, etc. Do not eat fried food that is easy to consume body water.

30-40 years old. At this stage, the endocrine and ovarian functions of women are gradually decreased, the secretion of sebaceous glands is reduced, the skin is easy to dry, and wrinkles are easy to form.

Women of this age should eat more animal proteins such as fish and lean meat to ensure the supply of amino acids to supplement the secretion of sebaceous glands.

40-50 years old. Most of the women will enter menopause at this time, the ovarian function will decline, the function of the anterior pituitary will be temporarily hyperactive, resulting in the disorder of the autonomic nerve function and easy to be excited or depressed, the eyelids will be prone to blackout, the face will be flushed intermittently, and the skin will be dry and less shiny.

Women in this age group should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins, such as cabbage, rape, potherb mustard, tomato, shepherd's purse, hawthorn, sour dates, lemon, etc., so as to adjust the plant nerve function and delay the aging of facial skin.


Generally speaking, nourishing Yin, clearing heat and protecting blood, nourishing blood, regulating qi and strengthening spleen are carried out at the same time. Therefore, some hot and inflamed things should be eaten less or not, which includes the spicy seasonings we often use in cooking, such as prickly ash, cinnamon, etc.; in addition, small snacks such as popcorn, melon seeds should also be eaten less or not as much as possible.

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