People who have bad intestines and stomach should not eat persimmons

Now there are many fresh fruits on the market, and the most eye-catching one is the golden persimmon. It's the season to eat persimmons. When we enjoy the temptation of delicious food, we may face such doubts.

I saw some articles on the Internet before, which said that children almost lost their lives when they ate persimmons, and that children got stomach stones when they ate persimmons by mistake. Are persimmons really harmful? What are these? Let's learn about persimmons together.


eat persimmons

Many people think persimmon is poisonous, but it's just because of its tannin. What is tannin? In fact, it's the source of the astringent taste when we eat persimmon. Don't be prejudiced against persimmon. There's tannin in pomegranate and grape. That's not to say persimmon can't be eaten.

Some persimmons have different tannin content, and the content is several times different. How to judge? Actually, the main way is to experience it by yourself. If the taste is really astringent, you'd better not eat it. Normally, you can eat it.

2. The taboo of eating persimmons

eat persimmons

Is it true or false that some taboos of eating persimmons are said on the Internet?

1. Persimmons can't be eaten on an empty stomach?

If it's true that persimmons with high tannin are not recommended to eat, but usually the persimmons we buy are desserted, so they can be eaten normally. However, it should be noted that children's gastrointestinal function is weaker, and it is not recommended to eat too much.

2. Persimmons can't be eaten with crabs?

eat persimmons

The main reason for this is that tannin is easy to react with protein and then become strong, but it doesn't mean that tannin can't be eaten with high protein food. It's OK to eat properly, as long as it's treated with Deastringency.

3. precautions for eating persimmons

If you want to eat persimmons safely and safely, you need to pay attention. It's better to go to a regular fruit and vegetable shop to buy, because it's likely that the products sold by individuals are planted in their own homes, so they may not have been treated with acerbity. In addition, it's better not to eat too much for adults and children with bad intestines and stomachs, and it's better to eat less if they feel uncomfortable after eating persimmons.

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