Persimmons and what can’t be eaten together

Usually, when we eat persimmons, we feel that they taste astringent. Why? In fact, it’s mainly related to a kind of thing called tannin in persimmons. If we take too much tannin, it’s easy to combine with some proteins in the stomach to form a precipitate, which is likely to cause stones, thus bringing a series of discomfort.

So what can’t persimmons and persimmons be eaten together? There are several points that we need to pay attention to, otherwise it’s easy to cause stones, especially the kind that tastes especially astringent.

I. persimmons and what can’t be eaten together


1. Dairy products

Although it is said that persimmon and dairy products will not be poisoned, but it will form stone precipitation;

2. High protein food

In addition to high protein foods such as dairy products, special attention should also be paid to meat, which can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if eaten together;

3. Potatoes

The starch content in potatoes is high, and it is likely to turn sour after eating. This is because it will promote the secretion of gastric acid, so don’t eat persimmons at this time, or the two will easily agglomerate together, resulting in stones that can’t be removed by the human body;


4. Vinegar

Vinegar can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, so it’s better not to eat with persimmon, otherwise, it will only cause aggregation, resulting in stone can’t be discharged;

5. Wine

Many people will take some high protein food as food when they drink. At this time, if they eat persimmon together, it will stimulate the intestinal tract and easily lead to stone.


Although it’s the season to eat persimmons, we need to pay attention to these situations when we eat persimmons, so as to avoid food conflicts. But don’t forget that it’s better to eat less persimmons and non persimmons for people with poor digestion and imperfect digestion.

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