The five most effective foods for lowering blood glucose

Hyperglycemia has a lot to do with normal diet. Through diet adjustment, blood glucose index can be reduced. Type 2 diabetes is common in adults, and the insulin effect in the body has a great relationship. In addition to antihypertensive drugs and insulin therapy, we also need to pay attention to the regulation of diet.

Five kinds of food are the most effective for lowering blood sugar,

I. yoghurt

When drinking yogurt, try to choose low-fat and low sugar yogurt, which can prevent blood sugar disease and regulate gastrointestinal function. It can supplement the flora in the stomach and intestines, stimulate the insulin in the body to produce effects, so that the body's blood sugar can be controlled.

lowering blood glucose

II. Grapefruit

People with high blood sugar can't eat high sugar fruits, such as durian and pomegranate, but they can eat grapefruit. Grapefruit's sugar content is very low, which will not cause blood sugar surge. What's more, it can lower blood sugar, and it contains folic acid, which has a good effect on women's health care.

III. black wolfberry

The nutrition of black wolfberry is higher than that of red wolfberry. The polysaccharide, oxide and anthocyanin in black wolfberry are very good for women's function. It can reduce the glucose of diabetic patients and make the body more energetic.

lowering blood glucose

IV. tomato

The sugar content of tomato is low, and it can clear the blood and avoid blood clot. Research data shows that people who eat tomato for a long time will significantly reduce their blood sugar. It has a lot of lycopene, vitamins and fiber. It has the ability of anti-oxidation, which can improve cell activity and promote body metabolism. It is very effective to drink more tomato juice without sugar.

V. fish

Fish contains a variety of fatty acids which are beneficial to human body. It can regulate blood sugar in the body to achieve the effect of prevention. But the best way to cook the fish is to use a light way, do not put too much seasoning and salt, so as not to increase the burden on the kidney.

lowering blood glucose

In addition to these five high-quality foods, diabetics need to eat a balanced and diverse diet, including grains, meat, fruits and vegetables, etc., to ensure that the intake of multiple nutrients can make the body stronger. Diabetes patients should not only eat less sugar, but also less oil. Fried food should be avoided, which can keep blood glucose and blood lipid in a stable range.

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