Puberty health care breast affects a woman’s life

The development of puberty breast marks that the young girl begins to mature, and the raised breast also reflects the curve beauty and health beauty unique to the mature body shape of the female, and provides conditions for the future lactation of the baby. Therefore, breast protection and health care is an important aspect of female adolescent health.

Some phenomena in the course of breast development may cause the confusion and uneasiness of young girls, such as whether to wear brassieres, whether the breasts are too small or too large, whether the breasts on both sides are not symmetrical, whether the breasts are deformed, and whether the breasts are lumpy. Here is the advice of a health care doctor.

1. Girls should not gird their breasts

Girls in puberty should never wear tight underwear. Corset is harmful to girls’ development and health. First, the heart, lungs and large blood vessels are compressed when the chest is constricted, thus affecting the normal development of the internal organs of the body. Secondly, corset can affect respiratory function. Third, the compression of the breast, so that the blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in blood stasis in the lower part of the breast, resulting in pain, breast swelling and other discomfort, and even causes nipple depression, poor breast development, affect fitness, but also bring difficulties to future breast-feeding.

2. Wear appropriate bra

After breast development is basically finalized, appropriate bras should be worn in time. Generally, a soft ruler can be used to measure from the upper edge of the breast through the nipple to the lower edge, and a bra can be worn when the distance between the upper and lower sides is 16 cm.

3. Breast hygiene

Adolescent girls, due to endocrine reasons, may have breast pain and itchy nipple pain before and after the menstrual cycle. At this time, girls should not squeeze breasts and pick nipples to avoid infection due to breach. There are many glands in areola, which can secrete oil like substances. It can protect the skin, but it can also contaminate with dirt, produce redness and swelling, etc., so it is necessary to wash it frequently to keep the breast clean and sanitary.

4. Breast dysplasia

If you find that the breast is too small or too large, the bilateral breasts are not evenly developed, the breasts are not developed, the breasts are deformed and the breasts are lumped, you do not need to panic. If found these situations, one is to promote the development of chest muscles through bodybuilding, so that the breast appears plump, the other is to carry out appropriate treatment under the guidance of doctors. Young girls should not make a conclusion too early until their bodies are fully developed.

5. Strengthen nutrition

Increase the intake of animal protein and fat. If you only eat vegetarianism or partial diet, it is extremely harmful to the development of breast.

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