Take medicine with boiled water

People who like to drink tea are used to taking medicine with tea; in order to coax children to take medicine, parents often use juice, cola, milk and other drinks instead of water to coax children to take medicine. In fact, this will have adverse effects, oral medicine is best served with warm boiled water.

Drinks that affect the efficacy

The combination of tannin in tea and metal ions in medicine will produce water-insoluble tannin compounds, which not only affect the absorption of medicine, reduce the curative effect, but also stimulate gastrointestinal tract to cause discomfort.

Vitamin C in fruit juice can reduce the curative effect of basic drugs. If it is taken together with sulfonamides, it can make children’s urine crystallize and increase the burden of kidney.

Coke contains a lot of sugar, which will reduce the efficacy of the drug.

Orange, orange, grapefruit, bergamot and other juice contain special substances, which can inhibit the intestinal wall cell enzyme, and make the drug produce the first pass effect, that is, the drug effect multiplied, leading to poisoning.

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