Teach you how to make hairy crabs, delicious but not greasy

In this season, I believe that the most delicious food I hear is hairy crab. When I hear hairy crab, most people will think of thick crab paste and delicious crab meat. I wish I could order one right away. In fact, most people eat hairy crabs are very monotonous. They wash them directly and put them into the pot, but put garlic and water on them and steam them directly. In fact, hairy crabs have many different methods, each of which can give us endless aftertaste. Do you want to learn? Follow me.

1. Salt and Pepper Crab

First, prepare a plate of hairy crabs, scallion and ginger, cooking wine, tofu salt, essential oil and starch. Second, cut hairy crabs in half and put them in the bowl. Pour the cooking wine and scallion and ginger sauce into the bowl and soak them for ten minutes. Then, dip the hairy crabs in the powder and fry them in the pot. When they are golden, change the pot and pour the remaining materials into the pot and boil them out for a while. This crab is very simple, and it's a good dish. You can make an appointment with some friends to have some rice wine and some crabs at home.

make hairy crabs

2. Crabs carved with flowers

First of all, prepare hairy crabs, vinegar pepper, ginger and Huadiao wine. Secondly, clean the hairy crabs and put them in the basin. Pour in the carvings and pepper and let the crabs drink for half an hour. Then prepare a steamer to put the crabs in, and sprinkle the cut ginger and vinegar to steam.

make hairy crabs

3. Spicy crab

First, prepare crabs, scallion, ginger, pepper, dried pepper, cinnamon and anise. Last, prepare cooking wine, spicy sauce and chili powder in seafood sauce. Next is the hairy crab to open the crab shell as well as the crab feet to cut the crab body in half. Then I put ginger, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, anise and dry pepper into the pot to stir. Then pour in the crabs and fry them for a few minutes, then pour in the cooking wine salt. Finally, it is made of seafood sauce, chili powder and spicy sauce. Pour the sauce into the pot and stir fry for ten minutes.

make hairy crabs

4. Cream crab

First of all, prepare crab cream, onion, soup and cheese. Cut the crabs into 4 pieces, fry them for later use; then stir fry the onion and cream together, pour in the soup and crabs. Finally, mix it with cheese.

In fact, there are many ways of hairy crabs. The above is what Xiaobian tried to share with you.

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