These little habits in the kitchen can cause cancer!

Eating is something we have to do every day, and the busy mother in the kitchen decides the food every day. The mother with good cooking skills can easily arouse the appetite of the whole family. But moms should pay attention to the fact that these small habits are likely to cause cancer when cooking! There is no small matter in eating, housewives have to develop healthy and good cooking habits.

1. Too much salt

little habits in the kitchen

According to international standards, every adult can only be healthy if the daily intake of salt is controlled within 6 grams, but the Chinese people have a strong taste. They often put a lot of salt and eat it almost double. Excessive salt intake increases the risk of high blood pressure and induces other diseases. What’s more, eating too much salt for a long time may cause a series of negative reactions. The strong osmotic pressure of salt will damage the gastric mucosa, even gastric cancer.

2. Use cooking oil repeatedly

Take out and fast fried food are very easy to cause cancer, a large reason is that they are used repeatedly. There are too many magazines mixed with explosives left before. These impurities produce many carcinogens under repeated and continuous high temperature. And these oils are difficult to achieve aseptic sealing after use, and it is easy to deteriorate when they are re oxidized with air. So my mother’s cooking is better not to use the second oil.

3. Do not wash the pot in the middle of frying

little habits in the kitchen

Sometimes the first dish is stir fried, and the second one is stir fried. My mother will be lazy and continue to stir fry without washing the pot. But if you don’t have a good command of the heat, the food of the previous dish is fried, and the food residue stuck on the bottom of the pot becomes the scale of the pot. When you heat and fry again, these scorched substances are likely to cause cancer, and most of them are harmful.

4. Only when the pot is smoking

Nowadays, most of the oil is refined and pure, and many substances that are easy to cause smoke are removed, so when your pot is smoking, the temperature is too high. Too high oil temperature is easy to produce carcinogens, will also lead to the destruction of food nutrition.

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