Tell you what season fruit to eat

In a flash, may is coming again. As female friends who usually like to eat fruits and pay attention to health preservation, do you know which seasonal fruits are suitable for eating in May?

Now let's introduce it to you from Xiaobian, so that you can eat fruit more specifically.

season fruit

First, you can eat mango

May is the ripe season of mango. You can choose to eat some mango in this season. Mango is a kind of fruit with high vitamin A and vitamin C, and it also has more protein and iron elements. It's a good choice to eat mango at this time of year. But remember that you can't eat too much mango, or you should try to avoid too much skin contact with mango skin when eating mango, or it may cause skin allergy; The best way is to remove the mango skin and cut it into pieces, then use toothpicks or forks to eat, which is both healthy and safe;

Second, you can eat guava

Guava is also called guava by many people, which is also a kind of fruit suitable for eating in this season. It has a strong antioxidant, through eating guava can keep your body healthy and reduce illness; in addition, guava is also a beauty fruit for female friends, eating guava can make your skin better and improve some skin problems;

Third, you can eat mulberry

Maybe mulberry is a fruit that few people will eat, but you may not be unfamiliar with mulberry leaves. When you were a child, your little friends who raised silkworms should often collect some mulberry leaves to let your baby eat. Mulberry is the fruit of mulberry trees. This mulberry with amino acids and protein substances, can help women delay aging, but also improve human immunity, is a good fruit.

These three kinds of fruits are typical fruits that can be eaten in May. Female friends who usually don't know what fruit to eat can buy some to eat when visiting fruit shops, which is good for the health.

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