There is a way to eat nothing but fat

Many women feel that they have a characteristic that can gain weight by drinking water. Therefore, all the girls who eat are very envious of the kind of people who can eat all but don’t grow fat. In fact, those who always eat but do not exercise will not be fat, generally because of genetic factors or because of the gastrointestinal system is not good. This kind of situation can not be envied. We normal people can also achieve the effect of only eating fat according to scientific eating habits, which is healthy and green.

eat nothing but fat

Know how much you can eat or how much you need to eat each day through the amount of calories you consume each day. As we all know, different foods produce different kinds of heat, and the endless heat consumed by the human body will be stored in the form of fat, that is, fat. Nowadays, the way to lose weight through exercise is to burn the extra calories in fat to achieve the effect of losing weight. Of course, this way of eating first and then reducing will be very painful for a long time. Therefore, why not regulate the daily intake of calories early and keep fit. The basic caloric requirements of different ages and different people are different, but they can also be calculated according to the formula.

The research shows that the basic calculation formula of heat demand for women aged 11-17 is: body weight (pounds) × 9; the basic calculation formula of heat demand for women aged 18-30 is: body weight (pounds) × 6.5 + 450; the basic calculation formula of heat demand for women aged 31-60 is: body weight (pounds) × 4 + 830; the basic calculation formula of heat demand for women aged 60 and above is: body weight (pounds) × 5 + 600. Knowing the basic calories you need can calculate the calorie content of the food to know how much you should eat without getting fat.

There are also many people think that eating meat is easy to gain weight, in fact, not necessarily. For example, peeled chicken, beef, fish and so on are all high protein, low-fat meat products. Because of the low fat content of these meat products and the nutrients needed by the human body, the problem of regular eating is not big. In addition, we should pay attention to the way of food cooking. We usually use the way of steaming, boiling, simmering and mixing. We should be careful with the way of high heat such as oil, frying and frying.

There’s a way to eat without being fat

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