The movement of making women young and beautiful

(1) Jogging or walking

It’s good for the heart and blood circulation system. If you exercise for a certain time every day (more than 30 minutes), it will help you lose weight. The best way is to combine running with walking.

(2) bicycles

It’s easy to stick to, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it’s also very effective for your foot and ankle joints. At the same time, it helps your blood circulation system.

(3) skating

It helps to exercise the body’s coordination ability and make your leg muscles stronger and more elastic. At the same time, skating belongs to a large amount of exercise, which can improve vital capacity.

(4) volleyball

It will make you taller and longer, so it’s better to join this sport as soon as possible. It’s especially effective for arm muscles and abdominal muscles, and it can also improve people’s sensitivity.

(5) Golf

This sport is closely combined with walking. In an 18 hole court, you can walk 6-8km; swing helps to dry your body. In addition, a beautiful stadium will make you feel better.

(6) riding a horse

Can exercise your agility and coordination, and can make your whole body muscles get exercise, especially leg muscles. But the sport is dangerous, so it’s better for women over 40 not to take part in it.

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