Women in good mood are more gentle and moving

I remember reading such words in a Book: “every girl is an angel falling to earth, bringing beauty and laughter to the suffering world.”. &In people’s eyes, a woman who can be called an angel is certainly beautiful, gentle and kind-hearted. On the way, we often see some women. They have sharp faces, full of complaints and dissatisfaction in their eyes. When they speak, they will even break their glasses. Their hearts seem to always have so many disappointments, such as career, husband, children & hellip There is something to complain about. In this kind of complaint, what they show on their faces is not the wisdom and knowledge after years of precipitation, but the vulgar look that makes people look boring. It can be said that what destroys them is not time, but long-term bad mood.

We often say that a person’s mood will definitely have an impact on his face. A woman who always smiles, even if her appearance is not amazing, the gentle light will make people feel comfortable and willing to be close to her; and a woman who is beautiful, if always full of violence, will make others stay away.

Of course, the world is changeable, and our mood can’t be the same as the calm lake when there is no wind. The occasional ripples of the wind can also be regarded as an ornament of life. What we should say is that we should not be too happy or sad.

Traditional Chinese medicine stresses that all diseases are caused by Qi, which can be divided into internal and external factors. The external Qi refers to the wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness and fire, while the internal Qi refers to the seven emotions, i.e. joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear and shock. This is the normal emotional change of human beings, but it should be coordinated, otherwise it will damage the health of the body, and then affect the skin care.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “anger hurts the liver, likes sadness, worries the lung, thinks about spleen and scares the kidney”. It means that the excessive seven emotions hurt the viscera. But if the seven emotions occur naturally, it will not cause harm, but will enhance the function of the viscera. For example, anger can hurt the liver, but for those who have been depressed for too long, appropriate anger can stimulate the masculine spirit and disperse the stagnant fire; worry about the sad lung, but for those who have endured the indignation and humiliation for a long time, it can induce their sorrow and solve thousands of worries by crying; fear of injuring the kidney, but when encountering danger, adrenal hormone will be secreted rapidly, giving us energy several times as much as usual. Therefore, there is no absolute standard for people’s emotions. If you feel comfortable and happy by venting your emotions from time to time, it is beneficial. In this regard, personal feelings are the most important.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon” said: “tranquility and nothingness, from which the true Qi, the spirit of internal guard, never sick. &This tells people to have a tranquil and nihilistic state of mind in order to keep healthy. This is the state of cultivation of the ancients. For the secular people, the most important thing is to always know how to be satisfied and cherish the blessings, enjoy all that we have, and accept all that life has given us. In this state of mind, even if we can’t do the tranquil and nihilistic, we can’t beat for some small things The chest is full and the anger is hard to dispel. Especially as a woman, if she can have a calm and calm mood, the gentle and quiet emanating from her heart will add moving luster to her face.

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