These porridge have high beauty value

For women, in terms of diet, they not only pay attention to health, but also pay more attention to the beauty of food. Take a selfie of beautiful themselves and high beauty food to not only show their sense of ritual, but also make their eating more enjoyable. You can try these porridge with high beauty value and beauty care.


1. Black and white red three color nourishing porridge

This porridge is actually a kind of red date and medlar porridge that we often drink. It's made of Auricularia auricula and black elements. In a moment, this porridge becomes elegant and elegant. Moreover, Auricularia auricula has a crisp taste, which is in sharp contrast with the soft glutinous porridge and increases the desire to eat. Of course, fungus detoxification, medlar nourishing, red dates nourishing qi and blood, the three stewed porridge together, is a good choice for women to Nourish Qi and blood, this porridge allows you to eat beautiful and eat a good mood.


2. The best Jasmine porridge in autumn

The light fragrance of jasmine and the rice flavor of porridge are also porridge products for girls to have sex with. Especially in autumn, the weather is dry, which is more suitable for this fresh porridge with light fragrance. This porridge is very simple to make. You just need to cook the porridge according to the daily routine, then wash the dried jasmine flowers, put them into the porridge together with the ice sugar, and cook for a little while to enjoy it.


3. Red date and Tremella gruel

A kind of porridge with high appearance value, generally can't do without red dates and Tremella. Then, match the red dates and Tremella with job's tears. They cook porridge and mix them with ice sugar. It's slightly sweet with a bit of roughness. Under the roughness, there's the smooth and crisp taste of tremella, which makes you feel happy. When cooking this porridge, tremella can be put in last, red dates and job's tears can be cooked in advance.

These three porridge, on Yan value is absolutely worth your a circle of friends, on nutrition that is very suitable for female friends, try it, healthy, beautiful and high Yan value porridge, is worth your eating.

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