We all know that it’s good to drink honey water in autumn, but we should also know these taboos

Autumn is the driest season, especially for women to nourish their skin, they will drink some honey water. Yes, honey water is really suitable for autumn drinking, but it is not without stress. There are several common sense cognitive mistakes about drinking honey water, which female friends need to know.

drink honey water in autumn

1. A cup of warm boiled water that wakes up in the morning cannot be replaced by honey water

We all know that if we drink a cup of lukewarm boiled water after waking up in the morning, our intestines will detoxify very well. However, if you change this cup of lukewarm boiled water into honey water, then honey water will become an adverse factor to the body. The material elements it contains cannot be digested at once when the body function is weak in the morning, just for the intestines, It’s a burden.

drink honey water in autumn

2. You can’t drink honey by force when you have a cold

If you have a cold, then common sense will tell you that you are wrong to drink honey water to moisten your throat! Although honey water can moisten your lungs, it is not suitable to drink when you have a cold, it will aggravate your condition. If you take it with cold medicine carelessly, it will not only affect the effect of cold medicine, but also easily produce side effects. Therefore, in order to play a safe role in cold period See, you’d better not drink honey water!

drink honey water in autumn

3. Don’t drink honey before going to bed

Many people think that honey is better for beauty and beauty, so it’s wrong to think that it’s better to drink it before sleep. Honey water is indeed good for beauty and beauty, but it can’t be drunk before sleep. If the concentration of honey water is high, it’s easy to make your blood sugar rise. In addition, it’s not good for your teeth. Of course, if you are afraid of being fat, don’t drink it. The sugar in the honey water will be absorbed better at night, making you fat quietly.

Women should drink more honey water, but it’s better to correct some improper points about drinking honey water. Only in this way can its real effect provide you with the desired effect.

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