Tips for scald treatment

In life, many small injuries are inevitable. For example, a child's mischievous touch on a warm kettle, or when cooking, he is splashed by the hot oil in the pot. It seems impossible to avoid these small injuries because it always appears in an unexpected way. There is no way to avoid it at all. However, when encountering this kind of problem, we should not be at a loss. We should learn to deal with it and use some ingenious ways to reduce the pain of scalding.

Tips for scald treatment
Tips for scald treatment

Ingenious treatment of scald

  1. For people with less severe scald, they can directly soak the injured place in cold water.
  2. If there is ice or snow water in the refrigerator at home, it can be taken out and applied to the affected area after scalding. Ice can relieve pain and sometimes reduce swelling.
  3. The time of applying water or ice is 15-20 minutes, and then observe the affected area. If there is only some redness or swelling or some small water scars, you can use scald cream or toothpaste to smear on the burned area. Safflower oil and cooling oil are not allowed. These two things are easy to stimulate the skin and bring hot feeling to the affected area.
  4. If the condition is slightly serious or the patient with large blister, the blister can be pricked with a needle. However, before picking, the needle must be sterilized, or put on the fire to burn. After picking, the pus will flow out. After it flows out, it will be coated with purple medicine, and then put the affected area in a dry place to scab, do not bandage.
  5. For severe burns or burns, please go to the hospital in time to avoid delay.

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