Weak girls are easy to catch cold in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, some girls who are relatively weak have a common cold and become ill. Yes, women’s poor resistance means that they are particularly susceptible to illness. Therefore, they don’t want to take medicine and want to prevent it. The best way to start is to eat more food, which can enhance their body quality and immunity. Only by making their body strong in disease resistance can they get less sick You have to eat a lot of things.

Weak girls

1. Scallion, ginger and garlic

When it comes to scallion, ginger and garlic, I believe that many girls don’t like their taste. They are very smelly, but they are the easiest to prevent colds. Some bacteria and viruses are easily resisted when they encounter them. Not only that, you can eat these stimulating things, which will promote the secretion of mucus in your gut and stomach, enhance your digestive function, and make your appetite better, If you eat too much, your natural constitution will not be poor. Therefore, you should eat more onion, ginger and garlic in autumn and winter, not only to keep warm, but also to resist disease.

Weak girls

2. Often drink honey water

In addition to some special time, women in this season to drink more honey water is also very good for the body. Honey has a substance that can enhance women’s resistance. If you drink more everyday, then your body will naturally have the ability to resist disease. When you encounter bacteria and viruses, your body will be immune well, so that you won’t catch cold. At the same time, honey also has a good beauty care effect on your skin. Remember to drink more when you have time.

Weak girls

3. Eat radish in winter

We all remember that “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”. Yes, eating more radish in winter can prevent colds very well. The radish element in radish can enhance our cold resistance and disease resistance. Even if you accidentally catch a cold, eating radish can also cure colds. The effect is no worse than those cold medicines.

When your body is weak, you are most likely to have such a disease in winter. So, remember to add more than one of them to your diet, then you will be healthy in winter.

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