Why not overeat during the festival?

During the Spring Festival, according to the customs of the Chinese nation, we eat delicious food and drink good wine every day for a long time. Family reunion, family and friends gathering, delicious food on the table, persuade wine and vegetables, never give up until you have enough to eat. It’s true that when we talk about friendship and joy, we can increase our appetite, but it doesn’t mean that we can eat and drink without restraint. Here we remind you not to overeat during the festival.

Because food intake is the premise of maintaining life and normal physiological activities. Digestive organs need to secrete many digestive enzymes to digest food, such as amylase in saliva, pepsin and trypsin in gastric juice, lipase in bile, etc. The delicious food often contains more fat, that is, the greasy food that people eat will increase, and the intake of a large amount of fat will inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, so that the protein that needs to be digested in the stomach can not be digested normally, resulting in the food staying in the stomach for too long, which is why people often feel full during festivals. If you eat too much, and difficult to digest, more than the normal digestion of the stomach, easy to cause indigestion and stomach disease.

During the festival, we should pay attention to the meat and vegetable collocation of the food, not to eat more meat and vegetable, and when we eat it, we should stop at the right amount. In particular, you should not drink too much to get drunk. We should overcome the custom of persuading people to eat and persuade them to drink. We should take eating as the principle and never overeat.

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