What to do if you have white hair before 30

Less than 30 or just after standing with white hair, or even 20 years old hair has been black and white. &”Little white head” is related to many factors: mental factors, chronic diseases and genetic factors, among which nutrition can not be ignored.

Experiments show that the pigment of black hair contains trace elements such as copper, cobalt and iron, and the occurrence of “little white head” is related to the lack of these trace elements in the body. Fresh seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish and animal liver are rich in these trace elements. Among them, seafood is not only rich in trace elements, but also contains high-quality protein, which is beneficial to nourishing hair, and should be supplemented appropriately.

The lack of B vitamins is another important factor that causes “little white head”. We should increase the intake of this kind of food appropriately, such as cereals, beans, dried fruits, animal liver, milk, eggs, etc. Vitamin A is also beneficial to maintain the normal function and structure of epithelial tissue and prevent hair from turning white. Can often eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, spinach, rape, leek, celery, apricot and so on.

Also pay attention to eat more tyrosine rich foods. The basis of melanin formation is tyrosine, and the lack of tyrosine will also lead to less white heads. Therefore, we should eat more tyrosine rich foods, such as chicken, lean beef, lean pork, rabbit meat and other meat.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “hair is more than blood” and “kidney is the main bone, and its essence is hair”. It advocates eating more blood nourishing and kidney nourishing food to moisten hair with black hair. The medicine and food that can be used as diet treatment are: black sesame, mulberry, wolfberry, yam, jujube, black bean, etc., which are good food for hair.

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