Why can't raw eggs be eaten?

In life, people think that eating eggs raw is the best nutrition, some are washed with hot soymilk and milk, some even eat them raw directly, and they think they can make their bodies strong. In fact, eating eggs raw can make the eggs contain more toxic substances into the human body, which is not conducive to human health. So it's forbidden to eat raw eggs.

The oviduct and anus of hens are connected. Eggs and feces are discharged from the anus through the rectum. The eggs containing bacteria and parasites will pollute the eggshell greatly. The eggshell is full of small holes, so it is inevitable that some pathogens (such as Salmonella) will invade. If you eat raw eggs contaminated by pathogens, you may have acute gastroenteritis, such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

When raw eggs are eaten, the protein looks like liquid, and its organization is very tight and complex in essence. The egg white of raw eggs contains anti biotin protein and anti trypsin. These two substances will inhibit the synthesis of anti biotin in human body, hinder the digestion and absorption of protein, and make the vitamin monthly member lose efficacy, thus easily causing the symptoms of anorexia, general weakness, skin inflammation, etc. At the same time, due to heating, the structure of protein will become loose, making the human body easy to digest and absorb, so it can be fully used by the human body.

Why can't raw eggs be eaten
Why can't raw eggs be eaten

In addition, the raw egg has a special fishy smell, which can inhibit the central nervous system, reduce the secretion of digestive fluid, and cause anorexia and dyspepsia. Therefore, eating raw eggs not only can not nourish the body, but also can make bacteria, bacteria and other harmful to the body, and also cause the waste of protein, so it is forbidden to eat raw eggs.
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