Why massage can really play a role in weight loss

Massage is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It uses massage, kneading, taking, pushing, shooting, kneading, pricking, pressing, combining and grading methods to massage the fat part of human body. The general effect of massage on weight loss is obvious, and there is no side effect. Obese people are easy to accept.


There are four main reasons why massage can reduce weight. First, massage can promote metabolism, so that excess fat into heat and consumption, thereby reducing body fat accumulation. Second, massage can promote the peristalsis of intestines and the contraction of abdominal muscles, making it difficult for fat to accumulate in the waist and abdomen, which is the “serious disaster area”;. Third, massage can dredge meridians, regulate qi and blood, and adjust all organs of the human body. Fourth, massage has two-way and high-speed effects on digestive system, endocrine system, neurohumoral metabolism, glucose metabolism, etc. Massage can also promote the regeneration of capillaries between adipose tissue, eliminate the water in fat, and accelerate the & ldquo; fluid generation & rdquo; and heat conversion of adipose tissue. Therefore, massage is not only effective, but also has no side effects. It is a very reassuring way to lose weight.

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