Why do postmenopausal women keep fit

Some women over the age of 30 or 40 lament that they are “old and yellow”. Especially in menopause, many girls will have abnormal psychology such as fidgety, anxiety, depression and agitation, as well as dizziness, headache, fatigue and insomnia.

At this time, the menstrual period grows from irregular to irregular step by step;. Some people’s hearts will murmur and sigh: farewell, youth! Withered, beautiful! Depression and depression suffocate their hearts. They don’t even think of themselves as “decent women” or “sexually attractive”. So psychological pressure forces them to retreat. The world belongs to others! How sad and biased it is! They forget that even though they lose some beautiful youth beauty, they may add mature beauty of sophistication and solemnity. As long as they are good at guessing and exploring, and know more about men’s hobbies than girls, they can also win recognition and love.

Up to now, it is still unclear whether the adverse emotional reactions of menopausal women mainly come from the decrease of estrogen level in the body or the stress events in life. Because in menopause, the decline of estrogen level is common, but the adverse emotional reactions are not common. Some people still work safely and treat others as well as before. Interestingly, the menopause response of rural women is often not obvious. According to the clinical observation, 77-78% of rural women do not have the obstacle belonging to the autonomic nervous system; while for women with better living conditions, the only reason for discomfort is the negative menopause, at least there is some comprehensive effect. Then observe the appearance, menopausal women still have a lot of light and color. &It’s not uncommon that “Xu Niang is half old and still charming”. Some women in their 50s and 60s are still charming!

In the new era, the knowledgeable bodybuilding women are not the golden birds hiding in boudoir, but the pioneers of the new life of the trend of social progress, and the rivals of men in career. Women with this knowledge will not be afraid of menopause. Therefore, some women in the West expect menopause. At that time, they don’t have to worry about pregnancy and contraception, get rid of the burden of having children, and devote more energy to develop their hobbies and talents. In fact, it’s not until menopause that girls show their talent and achieve.

If postmenopausal women want to keep healthy and perfect, their sexual needs and expression can’t be ignored. Ferocious sex is a lifelong pleasure and a key factor to maintain body-building. Moderate sex life, to stimulate personal vitality, self-confidence and vitality. In case of difficulty or severe menopausal reaction, estrogen therapy, including combination of progesterone, can be properly considered, which shall be conducted under the guidance of a specialist.

Bodybuilding is not the patent of young people. Its rich connotation remains to be explored with our whole life. No matter when an individual holds a positive outlook on life, he is entitled to yearn for, pursue, grasp the vitality (Health) and arouse the charm (beauty). Health is with life, beauty is with career and love.

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