Why repeated weight loss is harmful to health

Modern people regard weight loss as a fashion. Once people are a little bit fat, they will lose weight. When the weight loss effect, and do not pay attention to how to prevent the weight of the rebound, the results soon gained weight, so to lose weight again. This kind of repeated weight loss is not in the minority, especially in women.

weight loss is harmful to health

Experts are against this phenomenon of repeated weight loss. According to the latest research report of the United States, repeated weight loss will affect the immune system of people, especially women's immune system. Women have a natural killer cell in their blood, a key part of the immune system that kills not only viruses but also leukemic cells, according to the study. The study found that women with stable weight for many years had higher levels of natural killer cells than women with repeated weight. In women who lost more than five times, the natural killer cells in their blood should be reduced by about one third. Therefore, it is not good for health to lose weight again and again. So, especially for women, we must not play the role of weight loss, if you want to reduce it, you can reduce it.

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