Why not drink too much?

Wine is the sum of common drinks in life. It's a celebration, a gathering of guests and friends. Since ancient times, it's a wine to make people drink. For thousands of years, the famous words of drinking and praising wine are thousands of millions. People often say that "drink to relieve worries" and "don't go back". All of these show that people have a deep misunderstanding of alcohol abuse and the harm of alcohol. Wine is mainly brewed from rice, sorghum, wheat, corn and other food crops, and its main components are ethanol (alcohol), sugar and fat. The alcohol content of liquor is relatively high, about 60%, which is usually said to be 60 degrees. The alcohol content of wine is about 15%; the alcohol content of rice wine is 15% - 20%, which is a specialty of our country; the alcohol content of beer is low, which is 3% - 5%. The degree we see on the beer bottle is the percentage of the original wort content in the liquor, not the alcohol content. No matter which of the above alcoholic drinks contains alcohol, after the alcohol is absorbed by the human body, it must undergo oxidative metabolism. This process is mainly carried out in the liver. If the amount of alcohol ingested is too high, which exceeds the liver's detoxification ability, it will lead to drunkenness, and the serious one can be poisoned.

If a small amount of alcohol is drunk, ethanol can promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, promote appetite, eliminate fatigue and refresh the mind. While the heavy drinker is light, he is gibberish, head heavy and foot light, heavy, he is sleepy or even drunk to death.

People with cardio cerebrovascular disease, gastropathy and vitamin deficiency should not drink alcohol.

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